Votre Expert en emboutissage complexe grande dimension – prototype et petite série


In order to provide a global service offer in total autonomy to its prime contractors,  Formatype now integrates a range of complementary skills in parts prototyping in the field of metalworking and assembly of sub-assemblies.

Our technical design department integrates CAD with stamping simulation and CAD/CAM.

Different workshops :

Each project entrusted to our teams is thought out, structured and managed in an agile and collaborative approach. We are also committed to maintaining close and transparent relationships with our clients. In a quality approach, our company is qualified:
  • ISO 9001 certification - Version 2015.
  • AFAQ (N ° 1999 / 12369.5).

Formatype in five points :

  • A responsive internal organization that promotes cross-disciplinary exchanges between all areas of expertise.
  • Teams of seasoned experts who like to share their experience for ever more performance.
  • A structured and controlled industrialization and production process.
  • Optimized production facilities of the latest generation.
  • Common goals : productivity, performance, competitiveness.

Formatype, the skills of metal forming, know-how in prototyping and small series.

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