Votre Expert en emboutissage complexe grande dimension – prototype et petite série

Three-dimensional control

The quality of our productions, the follow-up and their traceability, this is a real trademark that characterizes us.

Tri-dimensional Control prototype and smalls series - Formatype

All batches of parts manufactured and / or assembled by our teams must pass through the three-dimensional control zone. Three inspection marbles of complementary dimensions, associated with the Metrolog XG software, ensure the quality control of all types of parts produced by Formatype. A Romer control arm equipped with Polyworks software completes our control equipment.

For each batch of inspected parts, a control support is made-to-measure in order to obtain the best positioning repeatability over the entire series. Discover our machine park :

  • 1 TRIDAX measuring machine - X = 4400; Y = 1500; Z = 1500 mm
  • 1 STIEFELMAYER measuring machine - X = 2350; Y = 1200; Z = 1500 mm
  • 1 measuring machine CMA - X = 5500; Y = 2000; Z = 2400 mm
  • 3 Metrolog XG control software
  • 1 Romer control arm
  • 1 Polyworks software

Our common goals : productivity, performance, competitiveness.

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