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Assembly of fine sheet metal sub-assemblies

Welding is one of the key steps in the manufacturing of thin sheet metal subassemblies. The assembly workshop is made up of experienced and qualified welders.

Our assemblies focus primarily on fine sheet metal parts manufactured and formed in our sheet metal - forming workshop. Depending on the complexity and type of assembly required, a preliminary study followed by the production of an assembly support can be carried out. Our infrastructures allow us to produce small, medium and large-scale sets.

Our assembly division integrates the main types of TIG MIG welding for steel and stainless steel as well as medium frequency welding clamp welding for aluminum. Discover our machine park :

  • 1 medium frequency welding clamp
  • 1 crimping material (Presfix nuts + Profile)
  • 1 single point
  • 1 welding press
  • 1 stud welder (by capacitor discharge)
  • 1 clincher machine (Tox point)
  • 3 TIG welding stations
  • 5 MIG welding stations


Our common goals : productivity, performance, competitiveness.

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