Votre Expert en emboutissage complexe grande dimension – prototype et petite série

Sheet metal forming

Our sheet metal - forming technicians are able to hand shape fine sheet metal parts, from unit to small series. They are also involved in the finishing of sheet metal parts manufactured by Formatype.

Sheet metal forming prototype and small series

Our latest-generation machine park allows us to bend complex and large parts. Discover our forming and sheet metal production means :

  • 1 CN bending press 2000 x 4 mm  (TRUMPF)
  • 1 CN bending brake 1000 x 4 mm (PROMECAM)
  • 1 bending brake 2000 x 4 mm (HACO, PROMECAM)
  • 1 band saw
  • 1 SEG punching machine
  • 1 shears
  • 1 shrinking machine
  • 10 workbenches for sheet metal workers

Formatype is able to intervene for different activity sectors such as automotive, household appliances, cladding and cowling of production machines, aeronautics, railways, street furniture, defense - armament, public works, agricultural machinery ...

Our common goals : productivity, performance, competitiveness.

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