Votre Expert en emboutissage complexe grande dimension – prototype et petite série


The skills of our technicians, combined with our machine fleet, allow us to bend any type of tube up to 76 mm in diameter.

Bending stainless steel and aluminum

We are able to bend tubes of different materials: steel, stainless steel and aluminum.
Discover our fleet of bending machines :
1 digital 9-axis bender :

  • Maximum capacity: 76 mm x 2 steel Rm = 400N / mm²
  • Maximum tube diameter: 76 mm
  • Minimum tube diameter: 10 mm
  • Maximum tube length: 2500 mm
  • Maximum bending radius: 250 mm over 3 heights - 320 mm over 1 height
  • Minimum bending radius: 20 mm
  • Vertical tool stroke: 220 mm

1 expansion and shrinking machine.
2 assembly beams for exhaust lines.

Our company also includes a production center for exhaust lines : manufacturing then assembly and welding. These complete exhaust kits equip cars or trucks for all manufacturers.
 Formatype is able to intervene for different activity sectors such as automotive, household appliances, cladding and cowling of production machines, aeronautics, railways, street furniture, defense - armament, public works, agricultural machinery ...
Our common goals : productivity, performance, competitiveness.

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